Climbers With a Purpose

Climbers With a Purpose exists to help people discover and deepen their passion for the outdoors while supporting community development and emergency aid efforts worldwide.

Last summer we led two teams and a total of 22 people to the summit of Mt. Rainier. More importantly we raised over $10,000 for Planet Changer which funded ten well water restoration projects in Uganda. With an average well servicing a village of 400-600 people, over 5000 people have clean water for the very first time.

Climbers With a Purpose is back with an entirely new set of goals. We will we once again offer a summit opportunity for Mt. Rainier and we’ve added Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak and Mt. St. Helens so that we can accommodate up to 60 climbers.

This year we’re raising money to support the Bueng Kleung Children’s Hostel on the Thai-Burma border. It provides a loving home, hot meals, medical care, and comprehensive education for children displaced and traumatized by the decades-long armed conflict in Burma. Many have lost their families due to brutal attacks by Burmese militants. One hundred percent of funds raised will go directly towards running the hostel. The hostel’s mission is to equip these children to become vibrant, productive adults.

Learn more about Free Burma Rangers at

In Loving Memory of Diane Larson

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  1. My uncle is Joseph Vincent


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